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So I'm eyeing a master's degree. In particular, I'm eyeing the Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing at unimelb. I know there are probably easier ways to waste my time and money and still end up in the same place, but really, I have all the direction of a compass in a magnetic storm and maybe this will point me towards something more specific than "I don't know, I quite like doing everything, really, maybe writing of some kind?"

For this, I would like to ask you, my dearest peanut gallery, for some assistance.

Thing one: I need to submit 3000 words of folio, each individually polished to a mirror-like shine. If there's anything I've written on this blague, or my previous incarnation [ profile] niki_chan, that's particularly stuck with you as a bit of writing, I'd like to know about it.

Thing two: I'll be putting together a writing filter where I post some of the bits I'm thinking of including, for feedback and dissection and so forth. If you'd like to be on it, leave me a comment. If you're not feeling livejournalley, there's an email version going out also. Feel free to come in late or change your mind at any point.

Thing three: If anyone needs or knows of anyone who needs an editor, I'd appreciate any cheap'n'dirty opportunities to kluge some editing/publishing experience into my resume. I have plenty of web experience but no print media. If you need your PhD introduction edited, for example, that's instantly 'freelance editing'. If your eccentric aunt needs a circular done for her organic vegetable co-op, I can wrangle those little Microsoft clip-art guys with the best of them.

I'm screening comments, because, well, I feel like it.
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